The Penmere Fish and Chip shop...

...has been owned and run by the same family since 1981. So, as we enjoy our thirty five plus years it is, perhaps, fitting to share some information about us with as many of our customers as possible.
Traditional values play a major part in the operating of our business. Unlike many fish and chip shops, we make our own batter rather than using a colour enhanced batter mix. We soak our peas overnight, seven days a week, preferring to cook them fresh every morning rather than use the tinned variety. Often, we can be found in the preparation room hand making batches of our own cod fishcakes, cheese and onion patties or mushy pea fritters. Naturally, it is far less time consuming and often cheaper to buy these products from a wholesaler but what would be the fun in that?
Inevitably, the last thirty years have seen countless members of staff begin their working life at Penmere. Often their very first job as a young teenager would be washing dishes and then they would progress to waitressing, serving at the counter and sometimes frying. It has been a privilege to have met and worked with so many and to see them years later enjoying careers as teachers, receptionists, firemen, hairdressers... the list is endless.
I was once told "you can please 100% of the public some of the time or please some of the public 100% of the time". This has proved to be very true. However, we have always tried, and will continue to try, to please 100% of our customers 100% of the time.

Sue Whitfield

We Are Open

7 Days a Week

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